Red Rose in Ice

50cm x 60cm x 4cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas

Red Rose in Ice
A red rose in ice with such sensitive lines.
A red rose in ice suffers ice gripping spines.
Holding ‘red rose in ice’ where the frost so entwines
Like a red rose in ice. How our own life resigns?

Upon icy crystals, it gracefully rests,
A symbol of love, whilst at nature's behest,
though coldness surrounds there, it still manifests
love's warmth and persistence; yet never possessed.

Let this red rose in ice all observers inspire,
Love enduring, engulfing, when such hardships conspire.
In the frozen expanse, love's flames simply aspire
to melt free the ice and set young hearts on fire.

Red rose in ice, flames the cool of the night.
Red rose in ice, frozen beauty delight.
Red rose in ice, love’s believers elope.
Red rose in ice, pure symbol of hope.
©2023 Lara Robins
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