Facial Geometry - 2

40cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas

Facial Geometry – 2
On shards of silvered glass, the confrontation left behind
She stares at barely fragments contemplating how to find
Who is this person staring back? An image undefined
And who am I? She thought again; relations realigned.
An empty heart, and all alone. The outcome so unkind.

Is this the ultimatum on a soul so maligned?
Not black nor white, but shades of grey abound, yet unconfined.
As shadows fall abaft her face returning her in kind.
Her time will come. Her wake from sleep with triangles refined
Her time will come again to love. For now though, un-entwined.
©️2023 Larisa Robins

This unique one-off picture is painted in portrait, using just black and white acrylic painted onto stretched canvas. The sides of the panel are prepared in accordance with the picture itself, and the picture comes frameless, but ready for hanging.
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