Black Cat

40cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Black Cat
In the shadows, sleek and sly,
A black cat prowls beneath the sky.
Eyes of amber, mysteries deep,
Through the night, its secrets keep.

Whiskers twitch in the moon's embrace,
Graceful movements, it leaves no trace.
A creature of darkness, so enchanting,
In the moonlit night, forever dancing.

Superstitions may cling like a shroud,
Yet in its gaze, no evil is found.
A guardian of night, a silent guide,
With elegance and mystique, it strides.

Embodying darkness, a moonlit sprite,
The black cat weaves its tales of night.
In every step, a story untold,
A timeless enigma, a beauty to behold
©2023 Lara Robins

This unique one-off picture is painted in portrait, using just black and white acrylic painted onto stretched canvas. The sides of the panel are prepared in accordance with the picture itself, and the picture comes frameless, but ready for hanging.
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