White Lioness

50cm x 60cm x 1.5cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas

A swift lioness, and a snow-white queen.
The freest of birds, the bravest you’ve seen.
Fixing her eyes on the sky high above.
Looking for prey for the family she loves.
Feeding the cubs, she’s the Mother thereof.
As they grow, she’s not needed and feeling unloved.
Your limitless power like stealth without words
With porcelain beauty you stalk the plane herds
So beautiful, graceful, you enlighten us.
Overshadows her range, our brave lioness
(c) 2023 Lara Robins

This unique one-off picture is painted in portrait, using acrylic painted onto stretched canvas. The sides of the panel are prepared in accordance with the picture itself, and the picture comes frameless, but ready for hanging.
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