Facial Geometry - 1

40cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas

Facial geometry - 1
Like the scars that bear her soul, the emotions she controls
as the actors in an endless game of chance.
Like the fragments in a mirror, while the tears of fate that steer her
As the shards of light perform their hapless dance.

The Geometry of facial recognition is the mission
of her ever driven, never ending, stare.
Like a mirage o’er the desert of white sand with every effort
Her ice mask hides all the times she tried to care.
As a tear now fully forming on a cheek so glossed and warming
Shows reality. A trait so pure, so rare.
©2023 Lara Robins

This unique one-off picture is painted in portrait, using just black and white acrylic painted onto stretched canvas. The sides of the panel are prepared in accordance with the picture itself, and the picture comes frameless, but ready for hanging.
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