Angel Wings

50cm x 60cm x 1.5cm
Material: Acrylic on texture paste and canvas

Hear my call and fly to me to help my soul escape. Be free
From all the evils life than throw. Return with help for Me. Bestow
your warmth to always clear the haze. Bestow your warmth for better days.
Oh Guardian Angel be mine guide. For thou my heart shall open wide.
To understand the toils of life, and cut us free with briery knife.
As not to judge your spirit sure. Yours sanctuary wings so pure.
(c) 2023 Lara Robins

My pictures are never "Thrown together" quickly, but this picture has taken a lot of my inner soul and love to produce. This unique one-off picture is painted using acrylic and spray paints layered onto texture paste and stretched canvas. The sides of the panel are prepared in accordance with the picture itself, and the picture comes frameless, but ready for hanging.
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