Morning Routine

30cm x 41cm x 1.5cm
Material: Acrylic on texture paste and canvas

At the same strike of the alarm clock each day, the morning ritual commences.
No variation from the norm, no variation in temperature or time.
The water invigorates and awakens her soul, in preparation for another busy day.
So simple an act is water on skin that cleanses both body and mind for her toil ahead.
The tradition of a daily shower before the first meal of muesli and curd.
Before leaving to join the queues on pavements drenched with the nightly rain.
But for now, some peace before the melee begins.
Some peace and wishes that this day could remain.
(c) 2023 Lara Robins

My painting “Morning Routine” is created in black & white acrylic on a texture paste background resulting in a rich feel to the finished picture, an immersive experience for the viewer and would be a wonderful addition to any interior décor. Each of my pictures is unique in its creation and cannot be repeated, so will always remain unique. The picture is painted on a stretched box canvas and is ready to hang.

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