Material: Watercolour on paper

Peeking out from under leaf, shows raspberry red, yet all too brief.
For beaming out and showing grace, will end with children’s beaming face,
looming closer, grabbing hands, to satisfy the gut’s demands.
For raspberry sweetness, honey kissed, so difficult (child to resist.)

Then adults come and join the throng, a multitude; a hundred strong,
who raid the fields as locust rake. Their aim, the sweetest jam to make.
Moving Northwards, moving South. One the basket, one the mouth.
Yet all too soon kept fruits of gold, to fight away the Winter’s cold.
©2023 Lara Robins

This unique one-off picture is painted using watercolour on heavy paper. Be aware the picture comes un-framed and ready for your choice of mounting and presenting.
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